Who we are

In the multitude of online sellers and platforms it is increasingly difficult to find your way around and choose a name worthy of trust.

DTC is a seemingly young reality. In fact, its staff comes from a consolidated experience in the world of information technology, electronics and its skills in hardware products are second only to its proven knowledge of the world of sales, both retail and wholesale.

DTC is in fact able to provide all its customers with a catalog whose products have been selected and cared for, right from the production chains until their arrival on national soil. The choice concerns both the actual quality of the item (materials, assembly procedures, compliance with current regulations) and the best relationship with prices, because never, as in this moment, is it necessary to know how to check "the price tag".

Relying on DTC is therefore a way to protect your purchases, following the career of a team of vendors, technicians and experts in the hardware market.

Furthermore, DTC's vocation is to be able to provide its customers with an efficient and reliable selection of consumables such as toner, drums and cartridges of the most popular printers on the market: also in this case, quality, compliance with regulations, complete compatibility in any case, they do not ignore an extremely competitive price.